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Our steam room was developed to offer our customers the ultimate in enhanced and personalized comfort. It is equipped with Fino steam generator and controls which are recognized as the worldwide leader in the steam bath industry providing the finest, most luxurious and innovative products. Steam room can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people and is used as part of our spa packages or as stand alone treatment to relax and unwind after hard day.           



Please consult your physician before using steam bath. If you are pregnant, elderly, have high blood pressure, diabetes, suffering from heart disease, intoxicated, or not in good health, do not use steam bath.

Single Steam Bath Session (15min)
$ 25.00

Couples Steam Bath Session (15min)
$ 35.00

Steam & Scrub 
Involving client to self applied body scrub to exfoliate the skin followed by 15 min steam room session.
$ 35.00

Steam Room Pass
Will allow you to use steam room (6 x 15 min plus 1 free)

Elevate your Steam Bath experience to another level of total relaxation and enjoy therapeutic benefits with Essential Aromatherapy Oils.

Simply add one or two drops of these highly concentrated oils to the Steam head reservoir inside Steam Room. The relaxing, sensuous or invigorating aromas will instantly surround you. Aroma Therapy oils include (6) different Essential Oils. You can choose the oils that best appeal to your senses and therapeutic needs
Add $ 5.00

Above includes use of lockers, showers, towels, robes, sandals, and relaxing time in our lounge or sunroom.


1589 St.Mary's Rd
Winnipeg, MB


Phone: 204-255-6104